• Support Small Businesses and Taxpayers

  • Defend our Crimefighters and First Responders

  • Raise Academic Standards in Schools

  • Promote Tax Relief

  • Protect Freedom and Liberty

More on Anne Ferrell’s Beliefs:

Anne Ferrell Tata is a lifelong conservative who maintains that the best government is the smallest government.  Anne Ferrell believes in putting people ahead of politics and is committed to leadership that listens to you, the voter and taxpayer, and not the special interests and bureaucrats.  Government should be responsive to community needs and limited in scope, rather than a top-down philosophy that runs every aspect of our lives.

"Back The Blue"

Open Virginia Beach Businesses

As a longtime resident of Virginia Beach Anne Ferrell is committed to growing our economy. With lower taxes and regulations, our home can be the place that businesses want to move and our children want to live. While the Governor’s inconsistent shutdowns have made a tough year for businesses even worse, the solution is no secret: new and better jobs are made - not when Government controls every aspect of our lives - but when our business leaders push us forward! Anne Ferrell is proud that our hometown is a place that people come to visit. Tourism will always be a part of our growth, which is why she is committed to protecting our beaches, parks, and businesses. And if we ever need a reminder of just how strong our economy can be - just listen! The Jet Noise we hear is a statement, not only of our freedom, but of a community built upon those who work to defend our nation.
Virginia Beach was just ranked the #1 safest city in America! Anne Ferrell will continue the fight to keep our communities safe; a fight that begins by giving our law enforcement the funds they need to keep us safe. But we have all heard what Democrats have to say on this. Their anti-police talk is not only wrong, but dangerous. As a mother, Anne Ferrell knows how important it is that we feel safe. That safety is guaranteed when we defend those who defend us, and when we protect our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves. So while democrats are talking about “Critical Race Theory” and “Defunding the Police,” Anne Ferrell will be dedicated to keeping Virginia Beach the #1 safest city in America.
It has always been common sense that high standards are what’s best for our children. But Democrats have changed this. By focusing on race and hatred, our children have become pawns in a political game. But Anne Ferrell is committed to developing the talents of our children. Our colleges and schools need to be in person, where students are learning to do their best - not Critical Race Theory. Virginia Beach is an economy that works for everyone, and that begins in schools. Anne Ferrell is an advocate of Trade Schools, where students get hands-on experience in the fields of their choice. Our schools must continue to have high standards for our students. This is how we develop the brightest of minds and secure a brighter future.
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