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Delegate Anne Ferrell Tata and her husband, former Naval officer Bob Tata, raised their four children right here in Virginia Beach. She understands the importance of plentiful job opportunities and pro-business policies that make this region's economic engine thrive.

As the daughter of an Army Chaplain and a school teacher, Anne Ferrell knows the importance of high academic standards in our schools and will promote the safe quality of life in Virginia Beach by supporting law enforcement in their efforts to keep us all safe.


  • 2022 Virginia Chamber of Commerce Freshman Legislator of the Year
  • Passed legislation supporting the military and foster children 
  • Award-winning Medical Sales Representative, inventor, patent holder, (mini) triathlete, author and speaker, and Army “Brat”
  • iFoster Board, Christian Women in Media
  • Florida State University (B.S.), Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, CIVIC Leadership Institute, Jennifer Byler Institute
  • Married to Bob (Attorney & USNR Captain, Ret.), raised daughters Peyton, Carter, Riley, and son Robert, and “Gracie” to granddaughter Tinsley

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